Two hours in the Duomo of Milan

Duomo Cathedral - front
Duomo Cathedral - front
As the city of design and fashion centre, Milan is certainly beautiful. I immediately enjoyed it so set foot into Milan's central train station (Centrale FS). Ceiling dome-shaped station showing the typical European paintings combined by modern building details at some point.
Regarding the use of the train, visiting the city was not too long. Once arrived in Milan, I go to the field and the Duomo Cathedral Church located at jalan Arcivescovado. Milan Cathedral or Duomo di Milano is the second largest church in Italy and the fifth largest in the world. Reportedly, the Cathedral was capable of accommodating 40 thousand in each Church worship.

Before entering the Cathedral, I was fascinated with the first pitch in front of the Church and the buildings around the Cathedral. So out of a subway station, seen the statue of King Victor Emmanuel, founded at the end of the second creation of the field and the Church.

As with most of the field in parts of Europe, there are hordes of pigeons around the field. However, the most exciting thing is that on one side there is a large LED screen so that walkers can enjoy the sun while watching the live program on the screen.

Before entering the Church, I decided to surround the buildings all around. Initially, the intention of finding a place fill the stomach because it was lunch time. However, while walking along the alley of the buildings, I was amazed with the shops and boutiques in the building of the ancient architect. All luxury fashion boutique and restaurant or Cafe International brand. I felt like one when washing eyes Milan fashionistas there.

On the left side of the Church, there are two buildings and has lined up the design architects of twins. Two buildings called the Palace (Palazzo dell'Arengario) Arengario. The building was constructed in 1950 and now it doesn't work anymore, but rather as a Palace museum which displays works of art of the 20th century.

Just sitting on the steps in front of the Church, as Milan citizens enjoy with their fashionable style and also wash the eye Windows of stores that were in the building at the perimeter of the Church has become a pleasure on its own.

But, the pride of the city of Milan Cathedral is certainly not to be missed. There are several sections that can be found in the Cathedral. The inside of the Church, baptismal room located in the basement, treasure room, the roof of the Church and the museum. For now, the museum is currently closed due to being renovated.

Visitors may choose to see a section where. If you want to see in their entirety, every visitor should pull out of 13 pay euro (approximately Rp150 thousand).

If you want to see the inside of the roof terrace and the Cathedral on foot, only cost 7 euros. Any visitor who wants to photograph the interiors of churches and statues on the terrace above the Cathedral must use special bracelet. From the top of the Church, we could see the field and the landscape of Milan as well as the golden statue of the Virgin Mary called Madonina at the top of the roof of the Cathedral.

However, one thing that is most amazing is the hundreds of sculptures in the building and the details engraved on every wall and pillar. Not to mention, the mosaics of glass in a window near the bench choir and altar. It's amazing and magnificent!

I realized why luxury hotels often impose a kind of interior design. ancient or modern, it always gave the impression of magnificent and elegant.
The Statue Of King Victor Emmanuel II
The Statue Of King Victor Emmanuel II