Holiday at Hotel Het Arresthuis Prison

Hotel Het Arresthuis Prison
Amsterdam-Het Arresthuis
Amsterdam-Het Arresthuis could be the most hideous in the Netherlands. Each person that goes in there, definitely want to get out. Standing in 1862, the building was immediately built a reputation as a very scary prison.But that was 150 years ago. Now, after the closure of the prison and renovation, hundreds of people flocked to the Het Arresthuis. In fact they are willing to pay money to get a cell there. "Now, Het Arresthuis turned into a hotel with 40 rooms, vast," wrote the Mail Online, Tuesday, February 26, 2013. "There are 24 standard rooms, 12 deluxe, and four suites spread to three floors."

Each cell has a Arresthuis Het air conditioner, flat screen television, coffee and tea, free WiFi network, complete with a padded mattress nan. Even the guests can enjoy the sauna; activity in the fitness center, or relax on the patio near the olive trees, organic garden and a small pond.The room door Het Arresthuis similar to solitary confinement. Black color, with a peek at the center of the box. While at the front door, there is only one meter wide corridor bounded by an iron fence. And beyond, lined up dozens of other door. "On the ground floor, stretched 3.5 m wide corridor lined with couches, tables, and lamps."In this prison, tourists can also sip various alcoholic beverages are presented in the bar. Meanwhile, to dinner, hotel managers prisons provide long table cloths wrapped in white. Decorated with candles and flowers in the middle of the table, each guest should eat snacks while wearing a towel and cap lines. "Stripes black and white uniform similar to the prisoner."In 2002, these buildings was re-opened as a prison. However permanently closed in mid-2007. After that, then do the construction of the hotel. "Het Arresthuis penah dubbed bolletjesbajes, meaning jail stuffer."Het Arresthuis itself is not the only former prison-turned-hotel. In 1996, Oxford Prison was transformed as the Malmaison Hotel. There is also Lowengraben Jailhotel in Lucerne. Built in 1862, the building functioned as a prison until 1998. then to the hotel.