Amazing Shopping Place in the Philippines

For information, Filipinos love to shop and could not resist! So, if you are in Manila for business or stop at our beaches are gorgeous, stop into the local mall to see what objects are sold there.Ayala CenterLocated near the Makati hospitality, networking Ayala Center shopping mall is the center of so many places to shop in Manila. You can get the original products with low price at stores like Landmark and SM. Rows of shops in Glorietta offers a combination of well-known brands (Zara, Mango, Mark & ​​Spancer) and local fashion network (Bench, Penshoppe, Bayo, Plains & Prints, Just G) as well as trendy fashion at The Ramp (Glorietta 3). 

Want to give gifts to the wife? Shop at Rustan luxury shopping center famous for luxury goods, the top brands, and beautiful craft. If you want to get a visit to the center souvenir gift, Balikbayan Handicrafts (1010 Arnaiz Avenue). 

GreenbeltStill in Ayala Center, Makati Avenue to cross the lifestyle center Greenbelt (1 to 5), which is equipped with a koi pond, a pretty little garden, and the occasional art installation on display there.For fans of top brands, Greenbelt 4 is your best choice (there are Louis Vuitton outlet!) And Greenbelt 5 store brings more choice, jewelry, and watches famous, and unique home furnishings Philippines.

To get a gorgeous local fashion products, you can buy a handbag in Celestina (who had appeared in Vogue magazine), beautiful dresses from designer June Escario Cebu, a must-have accessory designer Myth young, funky socks at Bleach Catastrophe , modern fashions from Tan-Gan at L Manila, abaca bags in Aranaz, and south sea pearls in Jewelmer.Stop in Greenbelt 5 for perfume selection, indie fashion products, and equipment pulled from all over the world. Enjoy tea and rest in the TWG, or enjoy a chocolate cake "Time's Dementia" Pia Y Damaso in. After shopping take a look at the local culture at the Ayala Museum (Greenbelt 4), and then relax with an elegant crowd at the Museum Café after sunset.Bonifacio High StreetFor the most enjoyable shopping therapy in Manila, come on shopping in Fort Bonifacio (or commonly called The Fort), Taugig. With green street flanked by middle-class boutiques, restaurants and cafes open-topped, Bonifacio High Street is cozy and bright areas are popular among expatriates, teen slang, people who want to relax with the whole family (including pets ). 

What to do: courage to undertake the adventure in ROX and Flight 001, Fully Booked explore an area of ​​five floors, meet your style needs at MUJI, The Gap, and Topshop, you can also buy products moisturizer Know-It-Oil Coconut Oil (which by Lucky Magazine gives "magic skin") and various beauty products VMV Hypoallergenics boutique.For serving lunch, try meatballs or fish in Elias ensaymada (typical Spanish food and the Philippines) and hot chocolate at Café Mary Grace (walk further into the region Serendra). While at Serendra, visit the Echo Store, which sells items made by local marginal community (charity shop). To get more cheap goods in the area of ​​The Fort, crossed Sarendara towards Market!Greenhills Shopping CenterShopping is always busy, which sells a variety of clothing that are trends (price range Rp96, 8 thousand to Rp193, 6 thousand) and south sea pearls and precious stones (you must be careful to be aware of the original). Avoid fake products, it is better if you buy fashion products / items / toys / supplies original home are cheap but satisfying. 

Close to Virra Mall, you can get high-end devices as well as repair services can fix anything (even then go to stores that have a reputation in the main shopping center and avoid "second-hand goods" suspicious). Note, on a weekend or holiday, crowds looked like a crowd of teenage girls who packed the concert Justin Bieber, it would be better to come before lunch, and always keep your luggage.