Fairy Tale in Germany

Fairy Tale in GermanyIf you view the castle in countries such as Disneyland fairy tale, the United States, where it is thought to be a good area for a vacation.
And in Germany precisely on the hill near Hohenschwangau Fessen, southwest Bavaria, there is also a Disney-like castle. 
Castle relics from the 19th century is really like in a fairy tale-style story of past classics. The castle was built for Ludwig II.
This castle building has water running continuously with automatic toilet on every floor and heating system (which in the past has been very luxurious at all). 
Because of the location of the castle is on a hill, so if you want to visit, tourists can ride three alternative choices are horse-drawn carriage or public bus. The scenery along the road to the castle is so beautiful surrounded by yellow flowers and blue sky stretch.
The castle was built and monitored directly by King Ludwig II both design and decor. King Ludwig II only lived half-year at the castle, the king then declared mentally ill and was later found drowned in Lake Starnberg along with the psychiatrist. Although there are still a lot of room inside the palace that has not been completed, but the rooms were already selsai was really fascinating. 
For example, as the king's bedroom is filled by large beds of the upper part filled with carved images every cathedral in Bavaria. The decor and paintings in this palace takes its inspiration from many operas written Richard Wagner, the composer's favorite king Ludwiq II.